Asking for Miracles

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“But if I were you, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”
(Job 5:8-9) 

If you have a seemingly impossible situation–debt you can’t imagine ever getting out of, a health condition your doctor can’t figure out, a relationship that seems cannot be repaired–ASK FOR A MIRACLE! Make your request not to “The Universe”, but to GOD! I think most people don’t think to ask specifically for a miracle in their lives. They might pray that they will feel a little better or that they can pay the bills just this month, but that’s not asking for a miracle. Go whole hog! Ask for God to fix it all. Believe that He can. Then, thank Him when it comes.
All through the Bible, we see examples of God’s miracles. Often, only the New Testament miracles of Jesus come to mind (turning water into wine, the raising of Lazarus from the dead). After Jesus’ death and resurrection, His apostles were given miraculous healing powers. Even Paul, former Christian Killer, was able to heal and raise people from the dead! All this was possible only by proclaiming the name of Jesus and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Also, when reading the Old Testament, God performed miracle after miracle. How else could the Red Sea part or manna come from heaven, or the sun stand still for Joshua…because he asked for a miracle.
“There was no day like that before it or after it, that the LORD listened to the voice of a man; for the LORD fought for Israel.”  (Joshua 10:14)
Do you have a need that seems impossible? Do be afraid to ask for a miracle for yourself! Pray to the One who can make it happen. Have faith. Believe. God loves you!

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