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You Are…

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I just got back from dropping my son off at school, so you know what that means–prayer time!  Today was another one of those mornings when I tried to pray, but I was sounding completely inarticulate and distracted.  This was probably due to the conversation about college options on the way to his school!  Gulp!

As I pulled away, I just couldn’t think.  I was at a loss for words, which is very unusual!  I looked ahead as I drove eastward and just squinted in awe at the big yellow ball in the sky.  It was a gorgeous sunrise earlier.  Pinks and blues filled the morning atmosphere.  I couldn’t help but say, “Wow, Lord!  You are amazing!”  Then, “You are such an artist!”

You are.  That became the basis of my prayer time with God.  I started to think of all the attributes and functions of our Father.  They just kept flowing like a river:

You are amazing.

You are strong.

You are merciful.

You are loving.

You are our leader.

You are a disciplinarian.

You are an architect.

You are our hope.

I continued saying, “You are,” more times than Lionel Richie on tour back in the 80s!  I had ten straight minutes of declaring the possessive adjectives and nouns of God! (Sorry!  That was the nerdy homeschool mom in me who used to love diagramming sentences and analyzing the seven sentence structures with her kids coming out!)

This was another form of worship that God revealed to me.  It’s not just about singing.  It’s about recognizing who He is and how great He is.  In my last blog post, “Praying in My Little Red Corvette… Actually, My White Hyundai!” I came to realize worship can be recognizing God’s gifts to others.  Today, I worshiped Him by declaring all of the things that make Him him!  Don’t we feel good when our friends and family tell us something great they see in us?  I imagine it’s the same with God since we were created in His image and likeness.

Worship God every single day.  Worship God in every way!

Is there a unique way you like to worship God?  Please comment! 



Praying in My Little Red Corvette… Actually, My White Hyundai!

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Every morning after dropping Paulo off at school, I immediately start saying my prayers…out loud…in the car! Today, I was feeling a little weary from a mentally-exhausting day yesterday. I said, “Lord, I am so sorry, but I just want to listen to some good music right now to decompress. Please accept what I normally say as my prayers, as my prayers today.”
Then, Prince came on the XM 80s channel and I thanked God for the creativity He gave Prince, so I could enjoy his music. He was blessed with so much talent. God gifts. Then, I started thanking God for giving each and every one of us different gifts–gifts we can share with others! It could be the gift of playing musical instruments, accounting abilities, acting as a good coach, or just being the go-to person when someone needs a meal during a trying time. Can any one person possess all of these talents? NO WAY!!! We all need each other, even if we don’t know each other.
This “laziness” in prayer I experienced was actually a good thing–it led me to WORSHIP Him! And to THANK Him! And to PRAISE Him! Isn’t that what we are supposed to do when we pray? That, Folks, is how the Holy Spirit works. Always inspiring us, even when we don’t have the energy to put words together for prayer. Oh, and that thing I said about our different talents? It reminded me of a very popular scripture:

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:1 (NIV)

So, my friends, “Let’s Go Crazy” recognizing and appreciating the God-given talents of everyone we encounter! Next time you hear “I Would Die 4U,” think on the face of Jesus–and worship Him, thank Him, and praise Him.