Get Real!

ImageReluctantly entering the shower, Magic Eraser in one hand, bleach spray in the other, soap scum stared me in the face. After my friend Kathy from my hometown of Carteret, NJ asked if she could come to stay with me in NC for a few days, I suddenly found the motivation to tackle a task I’d cast aside for far too long—cleaning the shower! I couldn’t let her see the shower the way it was. I’d die! I quickly and maniacally started spraying and scrubbing the embarrassingly-neglected tub and tiles.

As I degunked the bathroom, I started thinking about how awful it is that I had let the shower go. You see, I want people to see me in a “Pamela Perfect” light. (That was my nickname as a goody-goody grammar school girl—true story!) I’m far from perfect—I now it and the people who know me know it. Why do we feel the need to make everything look shiny and clean to others? We all have our weaknesses, but we also have been given special strengths to balance it out. We should not be embarrassed.

Alas, in this Facebook-Twitter-Instagram world, we can very easily make ourselves look very good—no, better than that—amazing! On any given day, I see friends’ selfies, often in the same pose every time. You’re gorgeous, girls, even on the self-perceived “bad” side! Sometimes, I see pics of beautiful expensive cars, freshly waxed. Let’s see a picture of your car after the pollen covers the hood! Then, there are people who post pictures only if they are in them. Please, let us see a picture of your sweet child by him-/herself on that special occasion. Workout statuses and health club check-ins can also flood the newsfeed. We know. You’re just trying to motivate us lazy people! Also, statuses (or is it “stati”?) about meal plans occur daily. Doesn’t anybody ever just have a bowl of ramen noodles instead of rack of lamb and lobster tails? Finally, there’s the “karma” memes. Have so many people been burned by others so many times? Sheesh!

People, it’s time to get real. Show us who you really are. Let’s see you in sweatpants and no makeup, awkwardly positioned next to your dirty clunker of a car, with your kids in mismatched playclothes, with a check-in at the fast food joint in front of the Planet Fitness you joined for only $10/month (but never go to), while posting a meme about forgiveness instead of karma! Now that’s real. That’s how God sees us. He doesn’t see what we want Him to see or read what we want Him to know about us. He sees it all, and He loves us just as we are.

Let’s show our true selves to one another. Let’s build genuine bonds with each other. Let’s keep the Magic Eraser and the bleach spray in the shower and out of our Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and Instagram photos. Let’s not erase who we really are.

 “…for in the image of God has God made mankind.” (Genesis 9:6, NIV)



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