The Grass is Always Greener


Dateline:  January 21, 2014.  Winter Storm Janus descends from the frigid Arctic down to the Northeastern U.S.  The NY/NJ metropolitan area gets pounded with 8, 10, 12 inches of snow.  Schools close.  Businesses let their employees out early.  Supermarkets sell their last loaves of Wonder Bread and gallons of milk.  Everyone hunkers down for a long winter’s nap.  How does this make a former Jersey Girl/current Carolina transplant feel?  ENVIOUS! 

Envy is ugly.  It makes one desire what other people have.  I want snow!  Why are the northern states Mother Nature’s favorites?  We get less total yearly snow than they get in a single snowfall!  Grr!  Besides snow, you know what else I wish I had?  A vacation.  We haven’t had a real one in several years.  Everybody I know gets away on cruises, to Las Vegas, and don’t even get me started on my Disney Freak friends who go to see the mouse once or MORE every year.  Some of them even run in the marathon there.  I wish I could run a marathon.  I wish I had the body of a runner.  I want rock-hard abs, too!  And I want to eat out at great restaurants every week (and still maintain that great runner’s body I want, too).  And how about those single friends who go out all the time?  Even the ones with kids get to have a few fun nights all by themselves.  Oh, what that must be like!  Naturally, to go out to exciting places, one must have a proper wardrobe.  My clothes are so old.  I wish I could go out without my kids to buy some nice clothes to wear to a swanky restaurant with my perfect body that ran in the marathon at Disney on one of my trips that I needed so bad because it always snows in the winter!

Taking a deep, oxygenating breath!

See how ugly envy is?  It starts with a simple, “I wish” or “I want” and it grows uncontrollably like a deadly infection.  Envy infects our hearts.  It makes us forget ALL that we have.  Every person has been bestowed blessings by our Father God.  They differ from person to person.  It’s hard to remember sometimes that no one person “has it all”; no one except Jesus!

So, with that reminder, maybe it’s not so bad that I don’t have all the objects of my envious desires.  In fact, maybe somebody out there wishes they had something that I have.  Putting it all into perspective:

I don’t have nice, fashionable duds…………………. but I do have warm clothes with no holes.

I don’t have an exciting social life………………………… but I do have a fun, loving family life.

I don’t have the freedom of singlehood……………. but I do have the commitment of marriage.

I don’t have an amazing body………………………………. but I do have a generally, healthy one.

I don’t have vacations every year……………… but I do have a neighborhood pool, parks, etc.

Finally, there’s the snow envy!  I still desire to have a nice dusting of the white stuff, but when I look outside, I see nothing but a sea of green—the beautiful green lawn my wonderful husband works so hard to maintain.  See, the grass is always greener—outside my very own door; and chances are, it’s greener on your side, too!


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