Language, Liquor, and Lewdness

ImageMultiple profanities.  Flowing martinis.  Sexual descriptions.  No, I’m not describing the latest Cinemax series.  These words describe the 71st Golden Globe Awards!

All my life, I’ve loved award shows!  What will the actresses wear?  Which movies will win big?  How will the host(s) perform?  This year’s Golden Globes truly disheartened me.  The theme must have been “Language, Liquor, and Lewdness.”

Bad language ruled the night!  There were many bleeps during the festivities.  Television’s “seven second delay” got a serious workout.  Some words, however, remained unbleeped:  “masturbating,” “Yeah, B—-,” and “vagina” certainly pushed the envelope.  I was so happy my children didn’t watch it with me!

Perhaps the premium liquor poured throughout the evening contributed to the poor choice of words.  Some speculate Jaqueline Bisset was drunk when receiving her award.  Her loss for words could have just been nerves.  I will give her that.  The hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler came out on stage with drinks, as did Emma Thompson.  

Finally, there was sex talk aplenty.  At the end of the show, Amy Poehler exlaimed, “I made out with Bono!” She did jokingly lip-lock with the U2 frontman upon receiving her award for Best Actress in a TV Comedy.  The worst sexual description of the night occurred at the beginning of the broadcast–a joke about Jonah Hill’s “self love” at a pool party in The Wolf of Wall Street.  This, unfortunately, set the tone for the evening.

Perhaps I’m getting old.  Maybe it’s just being a mom.  Perchance I am truly being changed by the Holy Spirit.  While the younger me would have praised the 71st Golden Globe Awards, the mature me was bothered by it.  Fortunately, there were some bright spots in the darkness.  Jared Leto won an award after a six-year hiatus from acting to pursue music.  Jennifer Lawrence proved once again you can be a franchise heroine like Katniss Everdeen and still win awards in other films.  Leo DiCaprio looked and sounded like old Hollywood at its finest.  His acceptance speech was focused, not on his role, but that of Director Martin Scorcese.  As Ron Burgundy would say, “Stay classy, Leonardo!”

Next year, Fey and Poehler are slated to host the awards again.  Will they rise above or sink below?  Stay tuned!


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