Walking Around With a Tight Tummy

ImageDon’t let the title fool you! I do NOT have a tight tummy!  If you read my last two blog entries, you already know my resolution to “get healthy,” a.k.a. lose weight, and my new exercise program consists of the preparation of healthy, gluten-free meals.  I have also begun the 30 Plank Challenge and I am actually keeping up!  However, the tight tummy feeling is not from the planks, not from the twisting, turning, and reaching in the kitchen.  It comes from my stomach being tied in knots.

Do you have a child with a disability, illness, disease, or behavior that you just wish you could fix?  Me, too!  One of my sweet children has a baffling medical condition that waxes and wanes in activity.  It’s unpredictable and ever-changing.  For a mom who is constantly doing research on the internet, it is extremely frustrating.  Just when I think I’ve nailed the cause of a flare-up, BOOM; it’s shot down!  When things start to get worse, and my baby is in pain, my stomach just twists like a pretzel.  I am so uptight.  I try my hardest to be sweet and understanding.  I administer every remedy I can think of to help.  Sometimes, though, it just takes time.

I have been wanting to cry about this a lot lately.  Most of the time I can’t since I homeschool and the kids are with me pretty much 24/7.  My husband works from home, but I can’t bother him too much or bring him down while he’s trying to bring in an income.  So, my friends, today, I am crying to you through the words on the screen!  A good vent can help almost as much as a good cry.

I will officially end my pity-party here.  After all, I want to make you smile and feel good, because that makes ME feel good!   You know, God’s timing is absolutely spot-on.  When you need Him, even if you don’t seek Him, He finds you through those who believe in Him.  My sweet friend Jennifer posted something on Facebook this morning that was exactly what I needed to hear:

100% honesty— I am worn out. Just don’t feel like I can keep on going- tired of giving and doing for everyone else. Cried my eyes out this morning, I’m worn out. Then I hear “Cry Out to Jesus”. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that YOU are there for us when we just don’t feel like we can go on!!! ~~There is hope for the helpless, Rest for the weary, Love for the broken heart. There is grace and forgiveness, Mercy and healing. He’ll meet you wherever you are- Cry out to Jesus, Cry out to Jesus~~

People, we can’t do it all.  We can’t fix everything, as much as we want to.  Sometimes, we have to “Cry out to Jesus”.  So, dear Jesus, here I am!  I’m crying out to you!  Please wrap your loving arms around me while I witness, helplessly, the trials of my loved ones.

With these words, I am now feeling my abs loosen up.  I feel like my set of crunches that I never intended to do, just ended.  Oh, no!  Not again!  I just had another unintended, unconventional “workout”!


“Cry Out to Jesus” is a wonderful song by Christian artists Third Day.  Check it out on YouTube!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmVxRl5bc4Y


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